1. Early Traumatisation and the ‘Constellation of the Intention’. Franz Ruppert
  2. Conception as a source of early trauma.   Marta Thorsheim
  3. Maternal ambivalence during pregnancy.   Alice Schultze-Kraft
  4. Unfulfilled desire to have children. Annemarie Denk
  5. Abortions and Trauma.   Gabriele Hoppe
  6. Traumatic Experiences in the Womb.   Doris Brombach
  7. Pregnancy and giving birth from the perspective of multi-generational psychotraumatology.   Birgit Assel
  8. Premature birth as the result and cause of traumatisations.   Manuela Specht
  9. Process of separation and re-bonding: the final birth phase.   Dagmar Strauss
  10. Miscarriages and stillbirths as trauma.   Cordula Schulte
  11. ‘Psychosis’ following the birth.   Petra Lardschneider
  12. Mothers caught between wanting to have a career, having financial difficulties and making time for their children.  Christina Freund
  13. Growing up with grandparents as an early trauma.   Andrea Stoffers
  14. Violence instead of love from the very start.  Margriet Wentink
  15. Early trauma, adoption and foster parents.   Liesel Krüger
  16. Eating disorders as a consequence of early traumatisation. Andrea Stoffers
  17. Anorexia’ and early trauma.  Franz Ruppert
  18. Symbiotic Trauma in the Individual Setting.   Vivian Broughton
  19. Healing and prevention of early traumas.   Franz Ruppert


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