Symbiotic Trauma and Love Beyond Entanglements

Book cover of Symbiosis and Autonomy by Franz Ruppert

Symbiosis and Autonomy

by Professor Franz Ruppert translated by Julia Stuebs & Rick Hosburn, and edited by Vivian Broughton.

Symbiosis & Autonomy, Franz Ruppert’s third book to be published in English, continues his exploration of the dynamics and processes of trauma and bonding. In this book he expands his exploration to looking at healthy symbiosis and destructive symbiosis, and healthy autonomy and pseudo autonomy, as the primary states and processes of being.

Ruppert’s research and developments over the last 15 years have resulting in truly ground-breaking material, giving insight into psychological splitting as the result of traumatic experiences, how this affects the ability of a mother and father to bond with their child, and the consequences for the child. This gives us the background to understanding how unresolved trauma carries across generations, often resulting in devastating psychological and emotional consequences for those who come later.

Serious psychological diagnoses such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, personality disorders and other dysfunctions all come into sharp alignment when one looks at them from the perspective of bonding trauma and multi-generational trauma, psychological splitting as the result of trauma, and the many dissociative and deflective strategies we develop to keep our trauma away from consciousness.

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