Trauma, Bonding & Family Constellations:

Understanding and Healing Injuries of the Soul

PART I: Trauma, Bonding and a Multigenerational Perspective

Chapter 1: Psychological Disorders
1.1 The Unexplained Origins of Psychological Disorders
1.2 Inadequate Theories and Treatments

Chapter 2: Multigenerational Systemic Psychotraumatology
2.1 Basic Assumptions for Multigenerational Systemic Psychotraumatology (MSP)
2.2 Bonding and Trauma: Three Principles

Chapter 3: Psychological and Emotional Bonding
3.1 Bonding relationships as the Basis of Human Existence
3.2 Types of Bonded Relationships
3.3 Psychological Health and Entanglements of the Soul

Chapter 4: Psychological Trauma
4.1 Introduction
4.2 A Definition of Trauma
4.3 Types of Trauma
4.4 Experiencing and Treating Trauma
4.5 The Post-Trauma Consequences
4.6 The Transmission of Trauma Experiences over Generations
4.7 Four Types of Trauma and their Core Emotional Conflicts

Chapter 5: Existential Trauma
5.1 Introduction to Existential Trauma
5.2 Effects on the following Generation
5.3 Particular Issues of the Legacy of Existential Trauma

Chapter 6: Loss Trauma
6.1 Introduction to Loss Trauma
6.2 Different Types of Loss Trauma
6.3 Loss Trauma and its Effect on Subsequent Generations

Chapter 7: Bonding Trauma
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Development of Bonding Trauma
7.3 Particular Issues to do with Bonding Trauma
7.4 Consequences of Bonding Trauma
7.5 The Effects of Bonding Trauma on Subsequent Generations

Chapter 8: Bonding System Trauma
8.1 Introduction: Keeping or Revealing Family Secrets
8.2 Trauma of the Whole Bonding System
8.3 The Effects of Bonding System Trauma on Subsequent Generations
8.4 Multiple and Sequential Traumas

PART II: The Methodology of Systemic Constellations

Chapter 9: Introduction to Systemic Constellations
9.1 The Constellations Process
9.2 Bert Hellinger and the Development of Family constellations
9.3 My Own Journey as a Constellations Facilitator
9.4 Method, Context, Theory and Facilitator
9.5 A Small Research Study on the Effectiveness of Constellations

Chapter 10: Constellations in the Therapy of Bonding Disorders and Trauma
10.1 Therapy of Bonding Disorders
10.2 Trauma Therapy

Chapter 11: Future Considerations

Appendix 1: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – DSM IV
Appendix 2: Panic Disorder – DSM IV
Appendix 3: Depression – DSM IV
Appendix 4: Dissent among Experts as to the Gruesome Reality of the Concentration Camps
Appendix 5: Trauma Theories and Trauma Therapy