a handbook for the journey from trauma to healthy autonomy

by vivian broughton

drawings by karen McMillanMagnifying-glass







This revised and updated edition of becoming your true self offers more information about the effects of traumatisation, particularly the traumas that happening very early in life, before we have cognitive memory.

The object of this book is to provide helpful information about you; about how you can become the authority of your life, rather than a hostage of your life, because traumatic experiences leave us with deep feelings of helplessness and vulnerability.

We think of trauma as the big and obvious events, such as major catastrophes like 9/11 or a tsunami, or as childhood abuse and neglect. These are important of course, but there are other potential traumas that are rarely talked about. They happen at a time that we do not remember and cannot discuss.

becoming your true self will take you on a journey of hope. Trauma can be healed and resolved. You can’t do all the work of healing your trauma on your own, but this handbook can help you understand yourself better, gives you some basics to help you on your way, and gives you some pointers to finding the appropriate help.

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