Reflections on Constellations Emphasising the Individual Context

book cover of In the Presence of Many by Vivian Broughton

In the Presence of Many

Vivian Broughton draws on a variety of perspectives currently held in the field of Systemic Constellations and presents a graceful integration of thought and practice in her book In the Presence of Many. Within this she provides much of her own thinking that grows out of this integration. The book gives much practical information, theoretical discussion and explorations of the stance and approach of the facilitator. At the same time she interweaves thinking about the place of Systemic Constellations within the field of psychotherapy and within the wider fields of organisations, businesses, politics and nations.

This is an optimistic book, working with proposals rather than assertions, having in mind the opening of doors for further exploration, comment and elaboration by others. Vivian persistently endeavours to empower the practitioner, honour the client and value principles of trust, truth and the mysterious forces of life.

“This is an excellent book that provides the reader with a very clear rendition of the basic concepts necessary for understanding the complexity of constellations work. The author elegantly integrates different perspectives on the thinking and practice of this new and important approach to understanding the human psyche.” Professor Franz Ruppert

“On entering this book you should take a good breath because Vivian has written a challenging book in the very best sense…. The rich theoretical and experiential knowledge…makes the book one of the very best currently available, a high-quality introduction to the work.” Dr Albrecht Mahr

“This is an excellent book. It is wide-ranging and thorough, and is set out in an accessible, clear way. It is practical and knowledgeable; reflective rather than didactic. Thus it will support new practitioners into excellent thinking about their developing practice and will be of great value to established practitioners as well. It is a wonderful training resource.” Lynn Stoney, UK, 8/6/10.

“Thank you! Your book is clear, thorough, and sensitive. I am thrilled with [it]. I wrote in the margin, “Vivian has a very grounded ‘Woman’s Voice”; respectful; considerate; with strength that comes from authenticity and experience. It is concise yet goes deeper.” I now feel more supported, especially around trauma. Thank you for showing another way.” Sheri Sutton, USA, 1/8/10.

“I was looking once more at your book today and just wanted to say how much I appreciate your clear exposition and lucid style.  This book is a great resource for  people in the constellation world as well an excellent way of understanding constellations for those who are thinking about having one.” Caitlin Matthews, UK, 12/8/11

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