understanding trauma – working with constellations

by vivian broughton, foreword by franz ruppert

book cover of the heart of things by Vivian Broughton

the heart of things

the heart of things by Vivian Broughton follows the books published by Franz Ruppert giving her own understanding of his theories and ideas developed from her practice, including working with the Constellation of the Intention (developed by Ruppert). As with her first book, In the Presence of Many, Vivian offers a readable, well co-ordinated and set out text book for those interested in understanding this work and developing their practice along these lines.

The work developed by Ruppert, and described here, takes the method of the ‘constellation’ (originally developed by Bert Hellinger) and, along with a coherent theory of trauma and attachment, takes its position firmly within the psychotherapeutic frame. While the explained work presents various challenges to psychotherapy, as it also does to the practice of family constellations, Vivian takes us through these challenges with logical argument and creative thinking.

Trauma is without doubt the topic of needed focus at this time. After 150 years of psychotherapy, which began its history as a study of trauma, we are only now in the last 15-20 years or so beginning to really face into understanding trauma. Ruppert’s theories, as presented here, offer the wider fields of constellations practice and psychotherapy a useful, rational and effective approach.

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