foreword to the heart of things by Vivian Broughton

I have known Vivian Broughton since 2005, and this co-operation has been very fruitful, as is documented here in Vivian’s new book. She has taken up my theory of the multigenerational psychotraumatology, and my particular use of the constellation method, in a profound way and worked it through to its “heart”.

Vivian adds some new elements to my approach, coming from her own psychotherapeutic background, and her own perspectives on that complex field of the client-therapist interaction.

The “Constellation of the Intention” offers new opportunities for working with trauma, where words alone cannot help us to access the split-off experiences of helplessness and being overwhelmed, especially in the period of our early childhood. It offers a chance to come into contact with traumatic experiences without the danger of retraumatisation, and Vivian has seen this and brought her own particular thinking to this practice.

Munich, May 2015                                    Franz Ruppert