Early Trauma: Pregnancy, Birth and First Years of Life

Early Trauma Front CoverProfessor Franz Rupert is the editor of this collection of essays entitled   Early Trauma on the topic of pre-, peri- and post-natal issues that are traumatising for the infant.  He contributes three essays.  Other practitioners who work with his theories and method have written the remaining 16 essays, bringing their own particular interest and expertise to understanding the subject of early trauma.

The book covers a range of issues from the influence of the attitude of the mother and father towards the unborn child, the ‘unwanted’ child, ability to get pregnancy, IVF, miscarriages and stillbirths, abortion, adoption, pre- and post-natal depression, attachment failure, marital violence and so on.  As such the book provides a rich resource of thinking, ideas and research.

The early life of the infant, from conception on, will be the most important therapeutic exploration and consideration of our time, having far-reaching effect on who we are as individuals and as a species, and how we think about our development into the future.

This is an exciting book. Rupert has drawn together some extraordinary writers whose writing is information and compelling.

Vivian Broughton is the Editor of the English language version, translated from the German edition Frühes Trauma (2014, Klett-Cotta, Stuttgart).

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