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Trauma und Identität

We are about to publish Vivian Broughton's book, Trauma and Identity, in German. This is an exciting project for us. Books will be available through Green Balloon Publishing (contact info@greenballoon.co.uk).

Here is the Foreword by Professor Franz Ruppert:


Vivian Broughton’s book Trauma and Identity first published in 2021 is now appearing in a German translation. The publication of this translation sets a new milestone in the dissemination of knowledge about IOPT. Vivian Broughton presents the complete and detailed theoretical basis of IOPT in over 300 pages, providing an overview of the psychological subjects which are central to IOPT for all readers. The chapter where Vivian Broughton defines the essential human emotions and shows how they differ from each other is valuable. Especially important is that she shows how the emotions expressed by the traumatized and the survival parts during a self- encounter differ from each other.

This book also describes the practice of IOPT with the utmost accuracy. Practitioners of IOPT will find instructions on how clients can be supported in their self-encounters, both in groups and in individual settings. She discusses the essential problems which can occur in therapeutic contexts, counseling and supervision. Vivian is able to draw on her long experience as an IOPT therapist. How IOPT practitioners can reflect critically on themselves and their way of working is her central focus. That makes this book an indispensable component for every IOPT education.

Munich in May 2024 Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert 

Green Balloon Publishing is a private partnership of  John Mitchell and Vivian Broughton, primarily oriented towards publishing books on Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology (IoPT) in the English language.


The books by Professor Dr Franz Ruppert. who is the originator of IoPT theory and therap, are all originally in his own language of German, and Green Balloon took on the task of publishing his books in English.


Vivian Broughton's primary language is English, and some of her books have been published in other languages.


For more information about both of these authors go to their relevant pages.



Our latest publication is Vivian's latest book, You were just a child Looking for Love.

Our latest book

by Vivian Broughton

This book is primarily about love; love as the basic force of life; love that is lost or never born in the relationship between mother and infant; love that is the underlying need of the child; love that is delusionary, holding us in endless hope; and love that is honest and true, based on reality, and then possible in our relationship with ourselves, and those we truly love. Love is the turning point from trauma to health. 

This is a varied collection of thoughts and ideas, some full-length essays, and some short statements, all of which have IoPT (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy*) thinking underlying them. 

Becoming ‘IoPT-Informed’ does indeed take us on a journey where everything in the world can be considered through the lens of IoPT thinking. IoPT then becomes not just a theory and a therapeutic method, but a psychology and a philosophy that can inform and explain what happens in our own personal world, and in the wider political and social world. All of the major topics we are collectively struggling with every single day, and those personal musings about our own life... all can be considered from an IoPT perspective. 

This is a book above all to be enjoyed, and from which perhaps to learn something more about who we really are, individually and collectively.

Franz Ruppert's Books


Towards a Healthy Sexual Identity

Professor Dr Franz Ruppert


What is human sexuality?  As the source of life why is it also often the cause of so much suffering? 

The renowned psychotherapist Professor Dr Franz Ruppert shows in this book how sexual traumas come about, from the perspective of the victim and the perpetrator, with profound consequences for individuals, families and entire societies. 

With his development of Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IOPT) it becomes possible to raise awareness of sexual psychotrauma using The Intention Method, and to resolve it psychologically and emotionally. Sexuality can then again be experienced as a creative force that gives pleasure and helps to achieve a healthy identity.

Who am I in a Traumatised & Traumatising Society?

Professor Dr Franz Ruppert's latest book is part personal account and part an update of his theoretical thinking, specifically as it relates to our society.


Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology Therapy (IoPT), developed by Professor Ruppert over the last 25 years, is established as a new way of thinking about trauma and its influence on our individual lives. This new book looks at its influence on society as a whole.


We know through Professor Ruppert's work that trauma, particularly traumas that happen at the very beginning of life, have a profound influence on the lives of most of us... and we are our society. All of our societal institutions, such as our political system, our legal and justice systems, our physical and mental health systems as they currently exist, are made up of us and people like us, and so have an influence on our lives that often is in fact traumatising.  

Professor Ruppert makes a specific focus on the dynamics of perpetration and victimisation as the cyclic forces that hold us in a continually traumatising and re-traumatising world that it is hard to step away from. However, to recognise within ourselves our ability to function as a perpetrator, as a way of not connecting with our own inner trauma and pain, clarifies our responsibility for our place in society and our connection with others and with ourselves. This is beneficial for our own well-being, and it benefits our society.


At the end of the book Ruppert discusses the idea of having a clear psyche, freed from the ravages of trauma, and thereby able to connect with others also working to free themselves and clear their own psyche, and suggests that by this means we can create the society that we want.

Vivian Broughton

Editor of the English language version

IoPT Practitioner

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