Splits in the Soul

Integrating Traumatic Experiences

Published 2011.


Splits in the Soul is the second book by Professor Ruppert in English translation, and continues his exploration of the impact of trauma across generations. Here he deepens his understanding of the process and function of psychological splitting as the natural response to unbearable experiences. He explores in detail the results that such survival strategies have on the traumatised person, and those with whom they are in close contact. His contention is that it is only by understanding in detail the processes involved, and developing an ability to recognise trauma, the trauma survival strategies and the healthy aspects of our clients that we can successfully work with trauma as a personal experience.


There are detailed examples of case studies illustrating the process of the disintegration of the survival psychological structure, and the subsequent integration of the fragmentation.


In addition Ruppert gives a very useful account of his thinking about the methodology of Constellations as a means of achieving understanding and integration.

"Having studied with Professor Ruppert for the last five years I can strongly recommend this second contribution to the field of trauma work with constellations translated into English. His contribution to the field of trauma work generally, with his understanding of the processes of trauma as they play out across generations, and the resulting often severe psychological difficulties in the present, is important in itself, psychotherapy generally having taken the view that people are only affected by trauma that happens to them personally.

"However he also continues to make a crucial contribution to the development of the work of constellations by including in this book a detailed report of a survey conducted into the methodology of constellations."

Vivian Broughton, Editor, IoPT Practitioner, and author of In The Presence of Many: Reflections on Constellations Emphasising the Individual Context.

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