About Green Balloon

Green Balloon is a partnership founded by John Mitchell and Vivian Broughton initially to publish the English language translations of the books of Professor Franz Ruppert and Vivian.


Green Balloon is currently known for publishing books on the approach to working with psychological trauma developed by Professor Franz Ruppert, Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT). So far we are proud to have published eight books by Professor Ruppert translated from German into English, and four books by Vivian Broughton.


Professor Ruppert's books chart the development of his theoretical thinking on the topic of psychological trauma over the past 25 years. They also chart his development of an appropriate method to working with psychological trauma, The Intention Method. 


Ruppert’s last book, Love, Lust & Trauma  looks at sexuality, sexual trauma, and the underlying conditions that foster sexual trauma in families and in society.


Our four titles by Vivian Broughton acknowledge the influence of Ruppert’s thinking on her work, giving clear and informative accounts of the origins and development of the approach, and her practical application of its methodology, including within the context of the individual session. Her latest book, published in June 2021, is a text book on IOPT Theory and Practice.

Each full-length text is supported by a comprehensive references section.

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