In the Presence of Many

Reflections on Constellations Emphasising the Individual Context

Published 2010.


Vivian wrote this book in 2010, during her transition from working with Systemic and Family Constellations to her current position of working exclusively with Ruppert's IoPT work. She draws on a variety of perspectives then held in the field of Systemic and Family Constellations, and includes the basic new ideas about trauma being developed by Ruppert in attempt to make a synthesis of these two bodies of thought. Ultimately she found this impossible, and moved on to work with Ruppert's developments.


However, for practitioners of Family and Systemic Constellations this book gives much practical information, theoretical discussion and explorations of the stance and approach of the facilitator. At the same time Vivian interweaves thinking about the place of Systemic Constellations within the field of psychotherapy and within the wider fields of organisations, businesses, politics and nations. This is an optimistic book, working with proposals rather than assertions, having in mind the opening of doors for further exploration, comment and elaboration by others. Vivian persistently endeavours to empower the practitioner, honour the client and value principles of trust, truth and the mysterious forces of life.

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