My Body, My Trauma, My I

Setting up Intentions - Exiting Our Traumabiography

Published 2018.


Professor Franz Ruppert is known for his groundbreaking theoretical work with trauma and identity, under the title of Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (I0PT).


Building on the developments laid out in his six previous books (five of which are translated into English), this book focuses on physical illness as the natural end result of long-term unresolved emotional trauma.


The premise is that 'physical illnesses', whether structural problems, chronic illnesses, undefinable malaise or nameable diseases, are likely to have as their foundations some form of very early psychological traumatisation.

Harald Banzhaf
Harald Banzhaf

The book is a collection of essays, starting with an overview by Professor Ruppert from the perspective of IoPT theory, followed by an essay by Dr Harald Banzhaf, Medical Head of the Healing Centre, Zollernalb, Germany, who illustrates at length how current scientific and medical developments support Ruppert's theories and thinking.


The other 23 essays are written by practitioners who work with IoPT theory and the Intention Method, bringing their own particular interest and expertise to understanding the origins of a variety of physical complaints in early emotional traumas.


Vivian Broughton, Editor, IoPT Practitioner

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