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Trauma und Identität

Vivian's book Trauma and Identity has now been published in German by Green Balloon Publishing. We are excited to have this book available to the German speaking audience.

Here is the Foreword by Professor Franz Ruppert:


Vivian Broughton’s book Trauma and Identity first published in 2021 is now appearing in a German translation. The publication of this translation sets a new milestone in the dissemination of knowledge about IOPT. Vivian Broughton presents the complete and detailed theoretical basis of IOPT in over 300 pages, providing an overview of the psychological subjects which are central to IOPT for all readers. The chapter where Vivian Broughton defines the essential human emotions and shows how they differ from each other is valuable. Especially important is that she shows how the emotions expressed by the traumatized and the survival parts during a self- encounter differ from each other.

This book also describes the practice of IOPT with the utmost accuracy. Practitioners of IOPT will find instructions on how clients can be supported in their self-encounters, both in groups and in individual settings. She discusses the essential problems which can occur in therapeutic contexts, counseling and supervision. Vivian is able to draw on her long experience as an IOPT therapist. How IOPT practitioners can reflect critically on themselves and their way of working is her central focus. That makes this book an indispensable component for every IOPT education.

Munich in May 2024 - Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert 

Vivian's latest book:

You were just a child Looking for Love

This book is primarily about love; love as the basic force of life; love that is lost or never born in the relationship between mother and infant; love that is the underlying need of the child; love that is delusionary, holding us in endless hope; and love that is honest and true, based on reality, and then possible in our relationship with ourselves, and those we truly love. Love is the turning point from trauma to health. 

This is a varied collection of thoughts and ideas, some full-length essays, and some short statements, all of which have IoPT (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy*) thinking underlying them. 

Becoming ‘IoPT-Informed’ does indeed take us on a journey where everything in the world can be considered through the lens of IoPT thinking. IoPT then becomes not just a theory and a therapeutic method, but a psychology and a philosophy that can inform and explain what happens in our own personal world, and in the wider political and social world. All of the major topics we are collectively struggling with every single day, and those personal musings about our own life... all can be considered from an IoPT perspective. 

This is a book above all to be enjoyed, and from which perhaps to learn something more about who we really are, individually and collectively.

Previous publication

Trauma and Identity

About this book:

In this book Vivian Broughton brings together all the important theoretical concepts on the topics of trauma, trauma survival and identity developed by Professor Dr Franz Ruppert over the past 30 years, known as Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IOPT). It is likely to be of interest to therapists and all professionals who work with people and their life difficulties, as well as anyone interested in understanding themselves better.

Trauma underlies most of people’s life problems, and in particular traumas that happen very early in life. For the newly created child the experience of not being wanted, not being seen, welcomed, loved and valued for who he or she really is, makes for a deeply devastating start to life.

IOPT theory and practice puts these early traumas at the centre of the therapeutic healing endeavour, insisting on truth and reality as the only solution to the underlying pain caused by trauma.


Vivian writes about these painful issues with a clarity and compassion that makes this profound and in-depth analysis an immensely readable and accessible book for everyone - from therapists to clients and anyone interested in living a good life.


This book has been published in Dutch and will soon be published in German.

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Vivian's other books:

Vivian Broughton

Vivian Broughton

Vivian is a Gestalt psychotherapist, specialising in Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IOPT), the trauma work developed by Professor Franz Ruppert.

She has been a practising psychotherapist since 1989, and met Professor Ruppert in 2004, and has been a student of his work since then.  Her work has been entirely focused on Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy as a psychotrauma therapist for the last 15 years.


She has written one book on Family Constellations, and two books on the topic of IOPT, The Heart of Things in 2013, and Becoming Your True Self in 2014 (revised and updated in 2016 and 2017). The latter book has been translated and published in Dutch, German and Russian. Vivian published her fourth book, Trauma & Identity, a textbook on IOPT Theory and Practice, in June of last year (Green Balloon Publishing). 

She also managed and edited the translation of all of Ruppert's books into English, all of which have been published by Green Balloon Books, a publishing business she started up with John Mitchell in 2008.


Vivian is one of the foremost practitioners of IOPT and currently sees her most important function as teaching IOPT theory and practice, and supporting students in their education and development into skilful practitioners. Like Professor Ruppert, she sees IOPT as a global movement that offers an opportunity for peace and peaceful solutions, and feels committed to supporting this movement.


In her private life Vivian owns a property in Wiltshire, UK, with a small amount of land where she has planted a woodland and explores issues of rewilding and allowing nature to follow its own course, along with a  Permaculture style 'forest garden'. She keeps bees, Buff Orpington chickens and has four sheep, two of which are registered rare breed primitive Soays, with a view to breeding and supporting the bloodline.

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