Trauma, Bonding & Family Constellations

Understanding and Healing Injuries of the Soul

Published in 2008.


The first of Professor Ruppert's books to be translated into English explores the different types of trauma experience, along with the bonding theories of the British psychoanalyst John Bowlby and the attachment work of Mary Ainsworth and others, forming a multi-generational picture of the dynamics of trauma.


Ruppert explores experiences of trauma and the phenomenon of psychological splitting as a way of managing unbearable experiences. Informed by his clinical experience, he introduces his insights into the origins of these experiences, and gives an account of his use of the 'constellations method' to work sensitively to reveal and resolve the hidden dynamics of past trauma.


“The present book emerges from Prof. Ruppert’s highly experimental and phenomenological approach to the practice of Systemic Constellations. His working method of remaining radically open to the emergent information of the constellation allows the dynamics of forgotten trauma to become visible. His exposition is supported by numerous case studies and examples.” ~ Vivian Broughton, Editor, IoPT Practitioner

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