Understanding and Healing Injuries of the Soul

Book cover of Trauma Bonding & Family Constellations by Franz Ruppert

Trauma Bonding & Family Constellations

Franz Ruppert’s book Trauma, Bonding and Family Constellations explores the different types of trauma experience, along with the bonding theories of John Bowlby and attachment work of Mary Ainsworth and others, forming a multigenerational picture of the dynamics of trauma.

Experiences of trauma can be so painful as to cause a split in the personality and it is impossible for a mother or father to avoid passing something of their own traumatic experiences on to their children through the process of bonding. These are the deeper feelings, perceptions, thoughts and embodied ways of being which form the residue of the trauma.

Informed by his clinical experience Franz Ruppert introduces his insights into the origins of psychological distress and has developed a unique way of working sensitively with Constellations to reveal and resolve the hidden dynamics of past trauma.

“This is an excellent book. Drawing on his experience of working with mental illness and his knowledge of attachment issues and constellations work, Ruppert has achieved a wonderful synthesis for addressing the issue of early trauma caused by bonding disturbances. The content is clear and well written in a style that is very readable for both layperson and professional, for thse interested in trauma work and those working in the field of Constellations”  ~ Barbara Morgan, Editor: The Knowing Field International Constellations Journal.

“The present book emerges from Prof. Ruppert’s highly experimental and phenomenological approach to the practice of Systemic Constellations. His working method of remaining radically open to the emergent information of the constellation allows the dynamics of forgotten trauma to become visible. His exposition is supported by numerous case studies and examples.” ~ Vivian Broughton, Director, Constellations Work Trainings UK

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